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Great Manchester Run course map | www.greatrun.org (permission requested)

The Great Manchester 10K Run took place on 10 May 2015.  Our Friend Rebecca Critchley took part in the run to raise money for Friends House Moscow.  Here is her account of the event.

It is only when you see the aerial photographs of the Great Manchester Run that the scale of this event which totals around 40,000 participants becomes apparent. On the ground, the teaming masses are individuals with stories and reasons to be there, that are as diverse as life itself.

The colourful meadow of charity t-shirts stretching for miles across the city centre reflects the sheer will, and determination of the human spirit, to do something powerful that day, often in the name of loved ones. The date in the calendar can for some, become a focal point in a journey of recovery. The event not only gives people an opportunity to contribute  to a cause they believe in by raising sponsorship money,  but also it  raises the question for all participants of physical preparedness. Even to walk 10k, which many participants do, takes a certain amount of stamina. Training and being mindful of getting in shape can only bring about a sense of positivity, and the physical benefits of changing lifestyle habits with this event on the horizon, can be far reaching.

For my part this year, I set myself the target of running (trotting!) the entire way, with no walking. I did it! My chosen charity this year was Friends House Moscow. Quakers have worked so hard and in very difficult circumstances to establish a base in Russia, and their influence in conflict resolution and social justice is a ray of light. Mark and I would like to thank everyone for their sponsorship.

Results: Mark 49:56, Rebecca 1:31:50

Rebecca raised a total of £491 for Friends House Moscow, for which we are very grateful.

Featured image: Great Manchester Run course map | www.greatrun.org (permission requested)