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Sergei Grushko, who works at the Moscow office of Friends House Moscow, spends much of his time translating Quaker books into Russian and publishing them – both on our website and in print editions. This year he surprised us by announcing that he has become a published author himself.

His book is entitled Восставшее поколение, Rebel Generation. It is for age range 12+ and is science fiction – but it is more about social science fiction than technology.

Rebel Generation cover

“A group of people do not want to obey the traditional order in their tiny human community on another Earth, and are forced to flee into the unknown of a huge, harsh, virgin planet. They are pursued and face dangers, but they are far from helpless children, and an unexpected meeting promises something more than just a chance to hide and survive.”

We can report that adults are enjoying it! It is available to download free of charge from: https://litnet.com/ru/book/vosstavshee-pokolenie-b247281