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Alternativshchik website screenshot 1

Conscientious objectors in Russia have a new online source of information.  The Alternativshchik website is full of articles and news about “alternative service” which can be chosen instead of military conscription. There is a library of pacifist material, and a gallery showcasing recent “alternative servicemen”.

Alternativshchik started life in 2006 as a printed newsletter which was circulated all over Russia, with financial help from FHM.  You can read about it, and about conscientious objection in the Soviet Union and afterwards, in our newsletter here.

Also in the newsletter:

  • What goes on at the Refugee Centre, and stories of some of the children;
  • A new home for the organisation Big Change that works with children from orphanages;
  • William Penn published in Russian (and how to get a copy..)