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Our counsellor friends in Tatarstan don’t just help conscientious objectors.  They also advise serving conscripts and their families.  And they don’t refuse their help to young men who volunteer to join the army.

This is the story of an 18 year old who signed up with the army and, on the way to his first assignment, was thrown off the train as it was speeding through Siberia.  To read what happened click below.

Also in the newsletter:

  • The “English Club” in Moscow
  • New grants for AVP in Russia and Ukraine
  • A project to help keep kids safe on the internet
  • Some stories from the Refugee School

and a photo of “Kolya”.  This little boy was in a project for kids with special needs. When FHM visited Dzerzhinsk, “he remembered one of us from two years ago and stepped right up to say hello and shake hands. His verbal abilities have greatly improved. His mother was very proud; we were very touched”.

Kolya (Dzerzhinsk 2018)

(The photo of Russian soldiers boarding a train is a stock photo from zab.ru, one of the news websites that reported the train incident)