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Russian Language publications

Friends House Moscow has a library of publications about Quakers that we have translated into Russian.  They are available for viewing and download on our Russian language website here: http://quakers.ru/category/library/ Around 60 titles in Russian are now included in the online library. They are available (mostly free of charge) as e-books in a variety of […]

Norwegian diary, 1940-1945 // Мyrtle Wright

British Quaker Myrtle Wright happened to arrive in Oslo on 6 April 1940, three days before the German attack.  She remained in Norway until 1944 and then became a refugee in Sweden.  This diary is the story of a family and experiences shared with them, and Norway’s non-violent resistance against the ideology of Nazism. To […]

Walking with Wolf book cover

Walking with Wolf // Kay Chornook & Wolf Guindon

In 1950 a small group of American Quakers, conscientious objectors, left Alabama for Costa Rica. Their community settled in the wilderness of a tropical forest. Step by step they establish a way of life: starting a dairy farm, building roads, a school, a power station, a factory. Gradually an awareness of a need to protect […]