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Newsletter Summer 2018

For the last year or two we have been helping the Refugee School in Moscow to stay afloat. Running a school for 80 kids is costly. We have been fortunate to get a series of donations and grants but now the money is running out: please help us to find more sources of funds. Read […]

Newsletter Winter 2017

Since 2010, military training has been required in Russian schools as part of OBZh, a “health and safety” course. This year for the first time, a student in Tatarstan openly refused to take part because of his pacifist beliefs. He was threatened with a black mark on his permanent record if he didn’t comply. Read […]

Newsletter Summer 2017

The summer newsletter for 2017 reports on a project that helps children who have emotional or expressive disorders or complex intellectual impairment. The photo is from a “feeling gymnastics” session. Also featured is FHM’s latest book publishing venture into “paperback printing”, to add to our existing library of online publications.