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AVP Ukraine online meeting

Newsletter Spring 2020

“I saw also that there was an ocean of darkness and death, but an infinite ocean of light and love, which flowed over the ocean of darkness. And in that also I saw the infinite love of God; and I had great openings.” Although Friends are not supposed to have “sacred texts,” these words from […]

Alternativshchik website screenshot 1

Newsletter Winter 2019

Conscientious objectors in Russia have a new online source of information.  The Alternativshchik website is full of articles and news about “alternative service” which can be chosen instead of military conscription. There is a library of pacifist material, and a gallery showcasing recent “alternative servicemen”. Alternativshchik started life in 2006 as a printed newsletter which […]

Group therapy session

Newsletter Summer 2019

Finding a career is tough, especially when you’re disabled. A project in Dzerzhinsk has been working with young adults who have physical or mental health problems, helping them to find a path in life and realise their potential. The photo is from a group therapy session. To read some of their stories, click on the […]

Newsletter Winter 2018

Our counsellor friends in Tatarstan don’t just help conscientious objectors.  They also advise serving conscripts and their families.  And they don’t refuse their help to young men who volunteer to join the army. This is the story of an 18 year old who signed up with the army and, on the way to his first […]

Newsletter Summer 2018

For the last year or two we have been helping the Refugee School in Moscow to stay afloat. Running a school for 80 kids is costly. We have been fortunate to get a series of donations and grants but now the money is running out: please help us to find more sources of funds. Read […]

Newsletter Winter 2017

Since 2010, military training has been required in Russian schools as part of OBZh, a “health and safety” course. This year for the first time, a student in Tatarstan openly refused to take part because of his pacifist beliefs. He was threatened with a black mark on his permanent record if he didn’t comply. Read […]

Newsletter Summer 2017

The summer newsletter for 2017 reports on a project that helps children who have emotional or expressive disorders or complex intellectual impairment. The photo is from a “feeling gymnastics” session. Also featured is FHM’s latest book publishing venture into “paperback printing”, to add to our existing library of online publications.

Refugees on the move

Newsletter Winter 2016

Refugees in Moscow? Yes, and not just from Chechnya, like in the old days: now they arrive from Syria, Afghanistan, Africa… The Refugee School has been going for 20 years and is needed as much as ever.  They teach kids to speak Russian (necessary to enter the state school system) as well as a variety […]

Newsletter Summer 2016

In our spring newsletter we reported that FHM is helping to support the work of Moscow’s volunteer prison visiters, the ONK [Social Observation Commission]. Anna Karetnikova, a member of the Commission, writes about some of the prisoners she has encountered.  In this extract from her blog we learn what happened to Nadezhda, in women’s prison […]