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Newsletter Winter 2023

This is a little different from our usual sort of newsletter… Normally we showcase our own work and the projects we support. But this time we are not describing these activities in detail. This is to safeguard the people who are working on them. Instead, a map just shows countries where we are currently operating, […]

Newsletter Winter 2022

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is – sadly – still ongoing, after more than 8 months. We continue to support the Alternatives to Violence (AVP) project in Ukraine which remains active, even though conditions are difficult.  The AVP group in Moscow has also resumed work (with caution!). In addition we now support AVP work in […]

Newsletter Spring 2022

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has, understandably, had a large effect on our work. This newsletter gives a quick round-up of what has been happening. Work in Russia continues but is being impacted by international sanctions. Meanwhile there is a new project in Estonia to support refugees from Ukraine, and we have also been helping […]

Newsletter Winter 2021

The pandemic continues and one can’t say that life is “back to normal” – but the projects we support are thriving. Some have embraced “hybrid working” (part online, part face to face). And some have expanded their activities – including a 2,000-mile “expansion” halfway across Russia… To view and/or download the newsletter, click on the […]

Newsletter Spring 2021

To mark World Refugee Day 2021, our latest newsletter looks at refugees and migrants in Russia – the legal situation, what the numbers look like, how people arrived, and how asylum-seekers live. We also look at the Friends House Moscow projects that help children of refugees and migrants – with education, learning Russian, and integrating […]

Refugee Centre Younger Group Hlebozavod Aug 2020

Newsletter Winter 2020

What a year it has been. The projects that we regularly support were forced online by the pandemic, but they continue to work actively and make an impact. And new green shoots are appearing: we funded a new project this year in the south of Russia, and another exciting initiative with migrant kids, southwest of […]

AVP Ukraine online meeting

Newsletter Spring 2020

“I saw also that there was an ocean of darkness and death, but an infinite ocean of light and love, which flowed over the ocean of darkness. And in that also I saw the infinite love of God; and I had great openings.” Although Friends are not supposed to have “sacred texts,” these words from […]

Alternativshchik website screenshot 1

Newsletter Winter 2019

Conscientious objectors in Russia have a new online source of information.  The Alternativshchik website is full of articles and news about “alternative service” which can be chosen instead of military conscription. There is a library of pacifist material, and a gallery showcasing recent “alternative servicemen”. Alternativshchik started life in 2006 as a printed newsletter which […]

Group therapy session

Newsletter Summer 2019

Finding a career is tough, especially when you’re disabled. A project in Dzerzhinsk has been working with young adults who have physical or mental health problems, helping them to find a path in life and realise their potential. The photo is from a group therapy session. To read some of their stories, click on the […]

Newsletter Winter 2018

Our counsellor friends in Tatarstan don’t just help conscientious objectors.  They also advise serving conscripts and their families.  And they don’t refuse their help to young men who volunteer to join the army. This is the story of an 18 year old who signed up with the army and, on the way to his first […]