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The “Kids are Kids” Integration Centre for refugees in Moscow provides educational and cultural activities for pre-schoolers who don’t attend kindergarten, and tutoring for school age children including those who have no access to state schools. During 2016 about 80 children attended and 70 volunteers worked with them. FHM provided funding towards the cost of programme coordination.

A large number of teacher-volunteers work with the Centre, and a professional psychologist and speech therapist are on hand regularly for the children. A variety of friendly culture-related organisations make their premises available for the cultural activities.

More than 100 Moscow school students take part in integrational events, learning more about refugee children and their problems, which will potentially lead to their involvement in the integrational process.

During this project period the centre provided 54 group classes for pre-schoolers, 124 group lessons for children not in state schools, and 885 sessions of individual tutoring for children who attend schools. Children attending the programmes showed a noticeable increase in their level of Russian (important for integration into society) as well as developing knowledge of school subjects and communication skills.