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Activity in 2017 included publication of: Notes from an Exhibition by Patrick Gale; Hidden in Plain Sight; Friends for 300 Years by Howard Brinton, and Reflections from a Long Marriage, by Roger and Susan Sawtell. Work in progress included Walking with Wolf by Kay Chornook and Wolf Guindon, George Fox’s Journal (in part), and publication in printed format of Truth of the Heart, by Rex Ambler.

Almost all texts have been published as e-books, in a variety of formats, and can be downloaded from our Russian language website. Some are also available via Amazon and a few in print format from bookshops in Moscow.

One new short text a week, on average, has been added to the FHM Russian language website, and we now have a total of 101 Wikipedia articles about Quakers in Russian. A presence on Russian social media is growing and has resulted in online discussions on nonviolence and social justice.