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Friends in Talinn preparing for concert

A new project in Estonia is for the purchase of Estonian-language books  (plus some in Russian) and used computers, for refugee children who arrived from Ukraine. The aim is to help them learn the Estonian language and integrate with the local children.

It is hoped that knowledge of the local language, and the availability of information, will allow for faster integration into society and will reduce psychological stress after the war trauma. The project plans to purchase 300-400 books and 15-20 computers, for children aged between 7 and 18 years.

The aims of this project are very similar to those of the “Equally Diverse” work in Russia, and we are glad to be able to help support it. (See Migrant kids in Kaluga and Novosibirsk )

The image shows Friends in Talinn preparing for a fundraising concert – see Quakers hold concert for war refugees | The Friend (free to read article)