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Refugee Centre online maths lesson

“Kids are Kids” (the Integration Centre for Refugee and Migrant Children) continues its work in Quarantine mode.

Refugee mother and son learning online
Mother and son learning online

Lessons in Russian, maths, English, physics, chemistry and some other subjects are still being held, but now they are online and teaching is most often done 1:1. Parents are also joining the classes, as they are not working and it is a way for them to take their minds off the ongoing situation. The Centre is trying to provide laptops for families who do not have access to the internet.

Online maths lesson

The Centre is conducting ongoing surveys of the needs of the families, and this is gradually becoming a separate area of work. Because many families are unemployed, the Centre ensures that they have food, that they are safe, and that they know who to contact if they need help. The staff at the Centre work with the Committee for Assistance to Refugee Families, to collect food or money for food, which is then delivered to the families by the volunteers.

The director and all the staff continue to work; although everything is now happening remotely, the volume of work remains: volunteers and children have to be coordinated, the needs of families have to be monitored, applications for help are accepted, and practical activities to collect and deliver food and other necessities are all carrying on – alongside the extra work involved in configuring the online platforms.

The Centre has an influx of new volunteers, because people now have more time and are offering to help with the children. There is even a special email address for new volunteers to apply. (And then of course they need training – another activity to fit in!)