Zarathustra is a (very) fat ginger cat who is owned (or is it the other way round?) by Russian artist Svetlana Petrova. Svetlana has become known for her online artworks which feature paintings by famous artists, embellished by the presence of Zarathustra, usually taking centre stage.

The results are often hilarious. They are especially enjoyable where she turns her attention to the 19th Century Russian classics that are well loved by visitors to the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Imagine Shishkin’s famous forest scene with bears replaced by giant cats, or Vasnetsov’s Bogatyrs (knights errant) riding on two horses and a cat, or a Cat Rampant beside Catherine the Great…

If you like this sort of thing you can find it at: or at the artist’s own website:

Image:  Portrait of an Unknown Woman in Russian Costume and a Very Known Cat in a Vet Collar, based on Ivan Argunov