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Buy our tee-shirts and commuter mugs

The following items are available from Friends House Moscow Support Association:

c/o Julie Harlow, 1163 Auburn Drive, Davis CA 95616

  • FHM Tee-shirts: only $12.
    Logo and lettering are in white on colors. Adult sizes S, M, L, XL Youth size 10-12. 100% cotton $12 each plus $2 postage in the US, US$5 international. Colors: Red, Teal Green, Deep Turquoise Blue, Grape, Pale Blue, Gold, Charcoal, Redwood, and Tan.
  • Thermal commuter mugs
    Sturdy dishwasher safe hunter green plastic with white wrap-around logo, “thumb slide” lid. $6 each (plus same postage as for cards and shirts)
  • A donation as a gift in the name of someone special
    An attractive post card will be sent to the person(s) you designate stating that a donation has been made to Friends House Moscow in their name.
Download a brochure to print and circulate

Our Brochure

We hope you will print this brochure and circulate it among your F/friends and at your Meeting.

Bring Friends House Moscow to Life in Your Meeting

Invite Julie to speak at your Meeting

Julie Harlow is now available to speak at Friends meetings, churches and regional gatherings. She began working toward the fulfillment of the vision of a Quaker presence in Russia immediately after the collapse of the USSR in 1991. Active with the international governing board of Friends House Moscow since its inception, she can share the challenges, disappointments and successes from its beginnings up to the current program.

Julie is a former teacher, an experienced and entertaining speaker and has been well received at the Summer Gatherings of Friends General Conference and meetings throughout the US since 1992. She draws on previous experience as a leader of tours to the USSR from 1984 through 1991 and six years of presentations to public schools about life in the Soviet Union as well as her deep commitment to the spiritual practices of Friends.

Pacific Yearly Meeting has written a travel minute for Julie, supporting her work to inform Friends about the “unique contribution that Friends are making in the areas of the former Soviet Union.”

Contact her directly with questions or to make arrangements for a presentation.

Julie Harlow
1163 Auburn Drive
Davis, CA 95616

or via e-mail

Can you help us in one of the following ways?

  • Receive and announce newsletters for your meeting or church (twice a year).
  • Invite Julie Harlow as a speaker (see above) for your Friends meeting or church or quarterly meeting or special event.
  • Ask your meeting or church to contribute annually to Friends House Moscow or the Friends House Moscow Support Association.
  • Let us know of organizations that may fund specific programs of FHM.

Visiting Russia

If your travel plans include Moscow, contact Julie Harlow and she will give you information on how to get in touch with and visit Friends House Moscow. let her know if you can carry mail and other materials to or from Moscow.