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By 2017 there were more than 220,000 asylum seekers in Russia plus several million other migrants from central Asia and beyond.  Unofficial statistics estimate 50,000 children of migrants and refugees live in Moscow and its suburbs.  And like other big cities, Moscow has its share of homeless people – some charities estimate 100,000 people are living rough.

[Photo from: The Refugee School]

Schooling for refugee children in Moscow

The “Kids are Kids” Integration Centre for refugee and migrant children has been operating in Moscow since the 1990s.  It caters for about 80 children who have arrived from a variety of places including Africa and the middle east.

The Centre helps the children to integrate into Russian life. It has activities for preschoolers, classes in Russian for school students, and a full teaching curriculum for those children who are excluded from state education because their parents have no Moscow registration.

More than 80 people – university students and professors, private tutors, psychologists – volunteer with the Centre to deliver the programmes.

Friends House Moscow was involved with the Centre from the start, and now helps with their running costs when our funds permit.

The Noah homeless shelter

“Noah” is a group of shelters for the homeless in Moscow, affiliated with the Church of Cosmas and Damian, one of whose parishioners established it. In the past Friends House Moscow has sponsored AVP (Alternatives to Violence) workshops at Noah.