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FHM supports the “English Club” at Big Change, the organisation that gives education and life skills to young people who have grown up in orphanages and leave with little ability to cope.

English Club Online Game
English Club online game

The English Club has recently gone online with the students mastering two new games: “Guess Who?” and “Guess Where?” – they are shown a picture and have to guess what is hidden and where it is hidden. This is not only valuable language practice, it also is something fun to do for young people confined to home.

Big Change online
Big Change online

Although most of the students at Big Change are young people from orphanages, a few are residents in a neuro-psychiatric institution. Often, young people who are placed in these institutions do not hope ever to leave; but Big Change supports some of them while still in hospital and helps them to prepare for an independent life and to pass exams and find employment.

We are delighted that a few of those students have contacted their tutor in order to be able to continue their lessons by Skype. Some of these are actually new students, who have a great desire for knowledge. Some of their neighbours in the institution started to complain about the noise during the online communication, but the girls moved to another room – smaller and less comfortable, but allowing them to continue their lessons without disturbing anybody.

Success stories

Among its success stories, Big Change can count two of its former “graduates” who are now working as nurses – see the news item “Two nurses“.