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AVP Ukraine online

AVP (the Alternatives to Violence Project) groups in Moscow and Ukraine are starting to meet online.

AVP online community circles

Representatives from Ukraine have now joined AVP International’s Education Committee. They joined together with representatives from Africa, Australia, Europe and North America to discuss the demands of the current situation and how AVP’s work might be adapted.

On 21 April AVP Ukraine’s core team held their first online workshop, on the topic of “resources”. A “virtual office” has been prepared so that they can meet more often, and they are working on a programme which will be launched bit-by-bit. Alla Soroka reports, “It’s begun… AVP is now “live” in every sense of the word.” Of that first workshop she says, “…Well, it was different, but all the same it was warm and productive in the real AVP way.”

Alla Soroka is a child psychologist, one of the founders of AVP Ukraine. She loves the springtime and makes the internet bloom, even this year, with pictures of flowers, children, young, gentle animals, and — for the first of April — a poem from 1917 by Valery Bryusov. The poet delights in the fact that “In spring we live like children/As if we are raving out loud/In fresh colours, in clear light/ The spirit comes to life!”