The Russian-language Quaker library

Here is a list of the English-language Quaker materials which are now available in Russian in electronic form from

If you are wanting to obtain the original English book or article, please enquire of the publisher.

Christian life, faith and thought in the Society of Friends (Quakers) (London Yearly Meeting, 1921)
John Woolman, The journal of John Woolman and A plea for the poor (Wipf and Stock, 1998)
Friendly advice on Quaker ways (FWCC–EMES, 2007)
Hans Weening, Meeting the Spirit (FWCC-EMES, 2007)
Richard Foster, Celebration of discipline (Hodder and Stoughton, 2008)
Pierre Lacout, God is silence (Quaker Books 1993)
Wilmer Cooper, A living faith (Friends United Press, 2001)
Hugh McGregor Ross, George Fox. A Christian mystic. Section One (Evertype, 2008)
John Punshon, Portrait in grey (Quaker Home Service, 1984), abridged by Tatiana Pavlova
Richenda Scott, Quakers in Russia (Michael Joseph, 1964), abridged

Articles and excerpts
Simon Gray, ‘A few thoughts about the membership in the Society of Friends’
Jan Hoffman, Clearness committees
Rex Ambler, Creeds and the search for unity: a Quaker view (Quaker Home Service, 1989)
Your first time at a Quaker meeting?
Tony Fitt, ‘Friends and the Bible’ (Among Friends, No 81, Autumn 1999)
Harvey Gillman, Portrait of Friends (Quaker Home Service, 1993), excerpts
Rex Ambler, ‘The Quaker way in the modern world’ (Lecture at the House of Culture, Vezsprem, Hungary, 7 April 1997)
Albert Potts, ‘Quakerism: a testimony to truth’ (Friends Quarterly, October 2002)
Richard Allen, Silence and speech (an open letter to a newcomer) (Quaker Home Service)
Alan Quilley, ‘The sense of the Meeting’ (The Friend, 10 December 1999)
Robert Grisford, ‘The lack of a creed does not mean the absence of theology’ (Quaker Monthly, 2001)
Peter Eccles, ‘The role of the Clerk’ (The Friend, 21 January 2000).
Samuel Caldwell, Toward a clearer view of Quaker education (Friends Council on Education, 2005)

These books have been translated into Russian but are not available on-line

Quaker faith and practice (Britain Yearly Meeting, fourth edition)
Harvey Gillman, A light that is shining. Introducing Quakers (Quaker Books, 2005)
Mary Moehlman, Quaker practice: after the manner of Friends (Quaker US/USSR Committee, 1995)
William Taber, The prophetic stream (Pendle Hill, 1984)
Douglas Steere, Quaker spirituality (Paulist Press, 1984)
Thomas Kelly, A testament of devotion (HarperCollins, 1996)
Advices and queries (Britain Yearly Meeting, 1995, 1997, 2008)

Next books for translation
George Gorman, The amazing fact of Quaker worship (Quaker Books, 1973)
Gerald Priestland, Reasonable uncertainty (Quaker Books, 1982)
Margaret Heathfield, Being together (Our corporate life in the Religious Society of Friends) (Quaker Books, 1994)
Helen Steven, No extraordinary power (Quaker Books, 1995)
Beth Allen, Ground and spring (Quaker Books, 2007)
Peter J. Eccles, The presence in the midst (Quaker Books, 2009)
Harvey Gillman, Consider the blackbird (Quaker Books, 2007)
Adam Curle, True justice (Quaker Books, 1981) if permission is granted