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Our cards raise funds for our projects and spread the word about Friends House Moscow to a wider circle of people.

Horse-drawn sledge toy

Russian nesting dolls

Russian nesting dolls is now sold out.

Our new set of cards includes charming pastels by the Sussex artist Marjam Kelly of traditional Russian toys: wooden dolls and a horse-drawn sledge.

Horse-drawn sledge: Few left

There is also a winter scene by Nikifor Krylov (1802-1831), showing peasants and horses by a frozen river, going about their daily tasks. The picture catches the strong light reflected from the snow, and almost purple shadows, and gives a sense of the vastness of the landscape of sky, snow, and forest.

Russian winter


Russian Winter is now sold out.

Black Madonna







And we have the very striking Black Madonna, painted in the late nineteenth century by an unknown artist. This is a copy of the miracle-working icon painted, according to legend, by St Luke, but probably dating to the fourteen century. The wound on the Virgin’s neck is said to have appeared after the icon was damaged.

Black Madonna: Few left

Our previous cards by Nikolai Fomin are still available. Kolia, who has given service at Friends House Moscow, was inspired by the way of life of the indigenous people of Siberia. His illustrations also appear in the Russian edition of Lighting Candles in the Dark.

Wooden church with fireweed

Children playing traditional games

Skiing in the forest

Skiing in the forest is now sold out.

Girl in winter dress with reindeer

Girl in winter dress is now sold out.

All the cards are blank inside, for use with your own message.

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Five cards cost £1.50; ten cost £3.00, including UK postage and packing. Feel free to choose your own combination of designs.

If you would like to buy larger quantities, for example to sell to friends or at your Meeting, please get in touch with Mary Morris to discuss a reduced price.

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