The Circle exhibits at the prestigious Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow

The Circle has put on an exhibition at the Tretyakov Gallery under its Museum Open for Everyone programme for people with disabilities. The Circle is showing exhibits from seven of its studios: ceramics, joinery, weaving, sewing, wool felting, art, and photography. The high quality of the work can be seen in FHM’s photographs:

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Art exhibit at Tretyakov Museum in Moscow

The Circle works to integrate children and young people with learning difficulties into society. They are now working with more than 150 children aged 3 and upwards who have autism, schizophrenia, Down’s syndrome and other problems. The Circle offers medical consultations, classes, drama groups, craft workshops, a summer camp, a parents’ club, and seminars for professionals. Friends House Moscow supports The Circle with funds from the Molly Bown Foundation.

June 2010