Alternatives to Violence Project in Georgia

Greta Mickey serves New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends as Peace Concerns Coordinator. It was through New York Yearly Meeting that Greta became aware of Friends in Georgia and their desire to not only help refugees from the 2008 conflict but to try to bring conflict transformation skills to their land. Greta travelled to Tbilisi in January 2009 to meet with Friends there and with the one Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) facilitator there who was willing to carry the work of AVP forward without pay. Together they decided to revitalise AVP in Georgia by training a new group of volunteer facilitators. In May 2010 Greta and another AVP facilitator travelled to Tbilisi, and together with the Georgian facilitator they began the work.

Greta lives in the village of Dundee in New York State, USA. She has three daughters. She is a National Council member for the Fellowship of Reconciliation, USA branch, and an AVP facilitator. Greta is also a trained facilitator in Community Dispute Resolution.

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