Work with refugees

Editor’s note: This article appeared in 2010.  More up to date news about the Centre can be found in our Winter newsletter, 2016

We are working with the Centre for the Adaptation and Training of Refugee Children to help the children of migrants who have come to Moscow from Chechnya and the Central Asian republics. Many migrant children are not welcome in Moscow schools, and meet with an unfriendly reception from teachers, pupils and administrators. They may find it hard to adapt to a new culture and to learn a new language. They are already suffering the stress of leaving their homes, and losing family members. Many have missed months or years of schooling. Many are have only one parent, who has to support a large family and may have to leave the children alone. Lack of medical care and proper nutrition are common problems.

Some of the children with family members

This special school has about 40 students aged 6-17, and provides lessons to catch up on missed education, psychotherapy, and nourishing food. It also organises excursions and holidays for the children. Friends House Moscow brought the Centre into existence, and is one of its longest-standing supporters; its funds pay for a large proportion of the classes.