Sharing the Quaker experience in the Russian-speaking world

Friends House Moscow aims to share understanding of the Quaker way and works on several kinds of outreach, each thread contributing to the overall tapestry. We try to reach seekers and enquirers in the Russian Federation, in the countries of the former Soviet Union, and in émigré communities elsewhere.

Nourishing Quaker worship

Friends House Moscow aims to nurture Quaker Worship Groups and to provide information for seekers. There is a Friends’ Meeting in Moscow, and Quaker worship groups in Estonia (Tallinn), Georgia (Tbilisi), Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek), Latvia (Daugavpils, Liepaja, Riga), Lithuania (Kaunas), and Russia (Moscow, St  Petersburg, Barnaul). This work is done in partnership with the European and Middle East Section (EMES) of the world-wide Quaker organisation Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC).

Moscow Monthly Meeting

Learning about the Quaker life

Friends House Moscow provides information in the form of booklets, leaflets, and videos, and also joins in the annual Spiritual Festival in Zhiznigrad, outside Moscow.

Quaker tent at Zhiznigrad Spiritual Festival

FHM is also producing a growing list of publications about Quakerism. The current list can be found by clicking here.

Both Moscow Worship Groups hold events for learning about the Quaker way. There is also an on-line study programme about Quakerism (in Russian), developed by Woodbrooke Quaker Studies Centre, in conjunction with FHM. Details are available from the office.

Quakers have a presence on the Russian internet: www.quakers.ru. FHM has its own Russian site, under development: www.domd.ru.

Gatherings of Friends and attenders

Apart from regular meetings for worship, Quakers enjoy meeting together and with like-minded people to share worship and spiritual experience. Some gatherings are local, some international. FHM helps to facilitate gatherings of this kind. FHM also takes part in wider European Quaker gatherings.

Travelling in the ministry

In discussion with an applicant for membership

Quaker wedding -- signing the certificate

Sergei Grushko (FHM) travelling in the ministry

In countries where Quakers and enquirers are not numerous, FWCC organises visits from seasoned Friends from outside the area, by way of fellowship and support. Visiting Friends also meet with people who are applying to join the Religious Society of Friends. FHM staff join with the visiting Friends to offer this support.

Faith into action

Quakers believe that faith should lead to action as an expression of love. FHM supports projects in Russia which reflect Quaker concerns for peace and social justice. Read about these in our Projects section.