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We’re happy to say that FHM will be represented at Yearly Meeting Gathering later this month, and we hope we shall see you there. The theme of our Interest Group event is sustainability in Russia, and the talk will be given by FHM staff member Natasha Zhurovenkova.

If you have looked at the on-line Yearly Meeting Gathering programme, you may have seen that the organisers have been listing our event twice, once on Sunday lunchtime and again on Tuesday evening.  This is an error! We hope the YMG Office will have sorted it out by the time you receive this; but the event will happen only once, in the lunchtime slot, so to catch it be sure to come along on the Sunday: 12:45 – 13:45, in room Keynes SR17.

You will be also able to talk personally with Natasha about environmental concerns or the work of FHM in general at the Groups Fair on Wednesday 3 August 2011, 19:30 – 21:00, in the Big Top. We and other members of the British Committee which raises funds for FHM will be there too, with cards and Russian toys for sale.

Exhibition about Quaker work in 1920s Russia

On 6 September 2010 Russian Orthodox Archbishop Sergius of Samara and Syzran will open an exhibition of pictures by Richard Kilbey in the Eparchial Museum of Church History in Samara. Richard (Dick) Kilbey was a member of a team of American and British Quakers who were engaged in relief work in the Buzuluk region, near Samara, between 1917 and 1931, during the famines that followed World War I and the Civil War, and the period of reconstruction in the 1920s.
Read more about the exhibition in our News section.

Olga Dolgina Memorial Fund

Many Friends have sent in their ideas for essential Quaker books, pamphlets and articles that should be available in Russian. Thank you! There are far more than there will be money for, but a shortlist has been made.

Grant from the Radley Trust

Friends House Moscow has been awarded a grant to support training for foster parents, and to provide information to young men seeking to do alternative civil service. Details in our Current Projects section.

The Circle exhibits at the prestigious Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow

The Circle, a project supported by Friends House Moscow, put on an exhibition in June 2010 at Moscow’s chief gallery.  Photos are in the section Current Projects > Work with disadvantaged children and young people.

Alternatives to violence

Friends House Moscow representatives visited Kazan in May 2010 to see projects in action. Read about their impressions in the Current Projects >Alternatives to violence section.

Progress report, February 2010

AVP Russia
Natasha Yarokhina has been appointed as the new co-ordinator. Friends House Moscow has been obliged to reduce its contribution, as a result of which the planned programme has been reduced, particularly outside Moscow. AVP Russia would find an overhead projector valuable, and needs money to print more manuals and pay travel expenses in full. AVP have been invited to return to Dagestan to do more workshops.

AVP Ukraine Children
They report that they have lots of invitations from schools.

Big Change
Their published annual report won first prize in a competition for NGO reports organised by the Russian Social Chamber. They are very proud. They recently held a history conference, and also organised a excursion to Ryazan.

Mental Health Service Training
This will take place from 10-12 March 2010. An excellent interpreter has been found.

Mediation in Schools
A meeting of the Association of Supervisors of School Reconciliation Services has been held, attended by thirteen teachers and psychologists from different schools. Working groups looked at case studies, methodology, and evaluation. The Association plans to hold an all-Russia conference for mediators in June, and is considering how they might turn this into an international gathering. They also hope to attend a conference in South Africa.

My New Family

Training for the children’s guardians has begun; they will study basic psychology and pedagogy. Workshops on self-discipline and personal tolerance have been held for the children. Funding for this project will end this summer.

School for Migrants

More of the teaching is being done on a voluntary basis and the money that was previously spent on salaries is being used to provide mid-session food for the children.

Translation of Quaker literature

Plans are being made to translate: George Gorman, The Amazing Fact of Quaker Worship; Margareth Heathfield, Being Together; Beth Allen, Ground and Spring; Peter J.Eccles, The Presence in the Midst; Harvey Gillman, Consider the Blackbird.