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Our Mission Statement

Friends House Moscow is an initiative of Friends (Quakers) worldwide which seeks to encourage spiritual growth and the development of a civil society based on mutual trust and community cooperation. We aim to provide a stable and visible presence in the face of rapidly changing conditions as we express the unique faith and practice of the Religious Society of Friends. We put this faith into action by working for social justice based on our fundamental belief in the presence of God in each individual.

Our priorities are to:

• Provide training in alternatives to violence and conflict management resolution
• Promote alternatives to military service
• Protect the rights of and provide services for underprivileged groups and individuals, including women, the elderly, disabled people, refugees, homeless children and orphans
• Support Friends and individual seekers interested in Quaker faith and practice
• Promote the development of a culture of voluntary social work

Friends House Moscow is known in Russian as Дом Друзей (Dom druzei).


Friends House Moscow is a collaboration between three organisations located respectively in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Russia.  The organisations in the USA (a nonprofit) and the UK (a registered charity) raise funds and awareness at home, and conduct charitable activity in Russia and Ukraine. The work is coordinated by an international Board composed of Quakers from Russia, the USA and Europe, including trustees from the US and UK charitable bodies. The Board sets strategy and makes funding decisions for the work as a whole. The British and American charities, who are legally responsible for the charitable work, act in accordance with the decisions of the Board.

Charitable activities in Russia and Ukraine are carried out by commissioning work from a company (OOO Friends House) that provides services in the following areas: developing and maintaining our Russian language website and social media presence; translating and publishing Quaker and other texts in Russian; and managing operational aspects of project work including grant administration, reporting and evaluation. Staff also act in an advisory capacity to the Board.

Our supporter group, Friends of Friends House Moscow, operates through our US nonprofit Friends House Moscow Support Association, and the British registered charity Friends House Moscow, which is also known informally as Friends House Moscow British Committee. There is an online social network site that all of our supporters, from anywhere in the world, are welcome to join.

Our Moscow Office

Our service providers work from a small office in Moscow.  It forms the base for our local administration, and also has space for small groups to gather. This space has been used regularly for Alternatives to Violence Project workshops.

OOO Friends House staff Natasha Zhuravenkova and Sergei Grushko in the office

Visitors at the office









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