Voluntary social work was not customary in the Soviet Union, where the state claimed to provide all that was necessary for its citizens. Since the collapse of the old system social needs have increased, and many people are too preoccupied with their own situation to think of others. But voluntary work is now a possibility, and social projects have started up.

FHM promotes the development of a culture of voluntary social work in Russia, and supports local people who want to work on projects which fulfil our aims. We sponsor work in:

  • Training in alternatives to violence and conflict management
  • Alternatives to military service
  • Services for refugees
  • Services for underprivileged groups and individuals including women, the elderly, disabled people, homeless children and orphans
  • Environmental protection
  • Restorative justice
  • Interethnic and inter-religious understanding

We provide funding for projects, and our staff help voluntary groups to organise themselves and to apply for grants, and we monitor project progress.